Monday, January 7, 2008

Lucky Day!!

Yesterday I posted about having to go to the dentist today and have a tooth pulled. Not to mention that "terrified" is not even the word to describe how I feel about dentists. (not to offend anyone, I'm just very afraid). So, I'm all psyched to go, been worrying all nite, and first thing this morning the dentist's office calls. I figure they are just verifying my appointment, but NO, they are CANCELLING!!!!! Dentist was sick!! How lucky could I be? Yes, I had to reschedule, yes, I have to worry some more, but at least I got out of it this time!!! Yahoo!

This what I'm knitting, only in a stripey, pink, orange, purple color. Got the pattern from Nik's Knits. It's so adorable, I just had to try one. I'm going to try it in different sizes, and colors. Very cute for a child, or adult. Thanks to Nik's Knits for the pattern.

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