Friday, January 4, 2008

Finally Friday!

I'm always so glad when it's Friday. End of the work week, 2 days off ahead of me, I can stay up later than normal because I don't have to get up so early. BUT....I'm sick. Have had a flu bug all week. Achy, stuffy head, sneezing, sore throat, tired. I've been taking antibiotics for a tooth problem, which I have to have pulled on Monday. (another thing to be excited about) Wouldn't you think somehow, that those antibiotics would have helped me not to get this cold/flu thing?

No knitting tonite, just bed. nitey nite!

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Jerry said...

Awwww, I'm sorry you're feeling under the weather. YOU have a lot on your plate, don't you? But look at those two beautiful purr machines. Snuggle up to 'em and get better. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending positive energy your way. I HATE the dentist. I guess 08 should be the year I finally drag my butt to one. They scare me more than any other medical professional.