Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy "Arty" morning

This morning my "muse" gave me a boot out of bed and said, "Get crafting!". I took her gentle nudge and made some felted and embroidered ATC's. That wasn't enough so I went on to felt a couple of small hearts, one red, one purple. Still wasn't enough, so I created some "steampunk" hearts from polymer clay. I also had been wanting to try a technique I saw in the new "Cloth, Paper, Scissors", so I did that too. It was an article about melting plastic bags, and using junk mail for art. I found some purple and green bags in my stash, and cut them, layered them between some foil, and ironed away. They melted into a fun purple and green mix and I turned it into a business card wallet. I straightend the edges, embroidered them with green thread, sewed on a purple button and a velcro closure and voila! Business card wallet! Now I think I need a nap!!

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