Friday, November 28, 2008

In memory of Mouse

And then there were 12........2 days ago my wonderful siamese cat, Mouse, had to be put to sleep. He and I had been to the vet nearly every day for the last two weeks. He had a mass in his head that manifested itself as an ear infection and ended up destroying the nerves on that side of his face. His eye, tongue and throat were affected. He couldn't eat for the last week and I brought him to the vet every other day for fluids so he would not dehydrate. The last day I just couldn't watch him suffer anymore. He wanted to eat so badly and couldn't. The vet said force feeding would only have been a temporary fix.

My heart is broken. He was a clown, a cuddler, and he was my muse when I worked in my studio. He always wanted to be with me, to HELP me work.

He was 7. I rescued him and his 3 sisters from a woodpile after his mother was hit by a car. They were maybe 4 weeks old. He has had a wonderful cat life of food, play, catnip, and cuddling. I miss him terribly.

Goodbye Mousie, my life is not the same without you.

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